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PETA website.

3 Oct

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals – website = PETA


Child Support exposed.

3 Oct

An important new link (dated 9-12-2011) with important info on the subject of Child Support given below:

MSNBC = Judges can jail alleged Child Support defaulter parents who are not covered by the presumption of innocence and are not given a trial.

The knowledge of the evil Child Support is slowly reaching the mainstream media, but it is NOT enough.

That report digs into details yet it offers no solution – as I do.

FYI – I really want people here to see this link above with emphasis on it being a major American and Worldwide news source, so anyone can see that it is NOT some “dilution” of mine, and it is not a “deadbeat” speaking, and it is not a lie, not Satan the Devil, as that is MSNBC giving what I have been saying and what still needs to be ended.